Vehicles can end up with some pretty unpleasant smells. This is especially true if you or someone else smokes in your car. Pets can cause a lot of stink, as well as food or beverages that may have spilled. Bacteria spread and the scent will become more and more intense if you don’t clean it. It’s a great idea to keep your car clean, but sometimes, accidents happen.

1. Make sure nothing organic is in the car. Never use ozone generators in occupied space, even in a car. People, pets, and plants should not be anywhere near an ozone generator when it’s on.
2. Remove all your personal belongings . This could mean books, any electronics or metal, or anything similar. Ozone has a negative effect on metal, so if you don’t want your phone damaged, make sure to take it out.
3. Once you remove all your personal belonging , turn on your car along A/C then click air recirculation bottom.
4. The ozone generator has to pull in oxygen and pump it out, so make sure both ends of the generator are uncovered. Placing it on a wide armrest or in the center of the back seats could be optimal. Make sure it doesn’t fall over because that could cause a fire hazard and decrease the effectiveness of the machine itself.
5. Run the ozone generator for the time depending the size of the vehicle. Never more than 2 hours; it can damage the interior of your car if you let it run that long.
6. After shutting off the ozone generator, you must wait an hour or two for the ozone air to clear.

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